2019 Healthy Crock Pot Recipes – Easy Light Slow Cooker Dinner Ideas


If you can’t afford a live-in chef — you’re a kween, yes, but not an actual queen — a slow-cooker is your next best option. Sure, healthy slow-cooker recipes involve a teensy bit of prep, but aside from a bit of searing and seasoning, they do most of the cooking themselves. All you really have to do is dump your ingredients in your crock-pot before you hit the road, and let it all simmer for six to eight hours. You’re free to run some errands, catch a movie, or go to work. When you get home dinner will be ready and waiting for you. What’s more regal than that? Whether you’re dumping everything in the crock pot to cook while you’re at work all day or you’re just looking to more efficiently plan ahead for the week, these delicious slow cooker recipes will make your weekly meal prep a breeze!