2019 Makeup Looks, Ideas and Trends


Step 2 DEFINE. Sweep the lighter eye color shade over entire lid — start at lash line and blend up to midway or natural crease. Brush darker shade along crease: start at outer eye and blend inward toward nose, no more than two-thirds of the way across. Tip: Start with a light layer, gradually add more to build the depth of color you want. Starting one-fourth of the way across the lid from the nose, apply the tip of the eyeliner brush to the base of the lashes and draw it out toward the outer corner of the eye. Place the mascara wand at base of lashes; wiggle it in place to deposit product—this creates the most volume there — then sweep wand up through lash tips. Step 3 COLOR. Apply lipstick in a single motion, starting from center of lip to sides on both top and bottom, then squeeze lips together.