2019 Makeup Palettes: Our Best Eye Shadow Collections


This will help give the appearance of a sculpted bone structure. Then, apply the lighter colors in an upside-down triangle on your forehead that extends downward, between your brows, down the center of your nose, and along your cheekbones. Placing the light contour color this way will help to brighten your visage. Makeup palette #5: lip palette. Who doesn’t love having a whole slew of lip colors on hand? With so many hues to choose from, there are multiple ways you can use your lip palette to get the most out of it. You can choose a single shade from the palette and use it to give your lips an all over wash of color, you can mix a few shades together to create a signature shade, or—if you’re looking for a slightly more eye-catching look—you can create an ombré lip.