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Unlike the way western meals are served, with one course allocated to each person, in Thailand the food is all shared, so everybody can sample a little of each dish. Thai food is served as and when it is cooked and you may sit at a Thai restaurant with a group of Thais whilst one dish after the after is brought to your table, everybody taking a spoonful or two, and it will be a lot of dishes as well! There is not so much as a starter dish, main dish, dessert, as a lot of main dishes and dessert. Main dishes consist of soups, salads rice dishes, curries, noodles and fish, and the salads may be a mixture of vegetables as well as noodles. Desserts in Thailand are traditionally healthier than you may expect in other countries, usually being fresh fruit, including mango, mangosteen, banana, pineapple, watermelons and lychees.