How to Get Rid of Rats – Do It Yourself Pest Control


Bait Stations. Bait stations are enclosed equipment in which a rodenticide bait is placed. The station does not trap the rat, instead, when used properly and locked in place, the rat can enter the station to eat the bait, while it the bait is protected against accidental contact or ingestion by children or non-target animals. Use Rats’ Feeding Habits Against Them. Rats are wary about new foods. They might nibble a teeny bit of something new, then wait to see if it harms them. If they accept new food, they’ll gorge on it until they’re full. Other rats will follow suit. That’s why effective baits often take a few days to work – if they killed immediately, most rats would avoid them. Keep out a supply of fresh bait for at least 10 days or until there are no more signs of rat activity.